A Rewarding Career in Flooring Technology

Flooring technicians are in high-demand with a pipeline of work offering a long and rewarding career for those with the right attitude and skillset.

The Become a Flooring Tech program is an initiative of the Australian Flooring Industry Alliance (AFIA), in conjunction with Holmesglen Institute of TAFE. The program was enabled by a grant from the Victorian Department of Education and is supported by the Victorian Skills Commissioner

Career Pathways

The Fully Funded Program – No out of pocket costs.

Highly Rewarding Opportunities

High-paid Employment and Pathway opportunities post study.

Learn and Earn

Apprentices receive ongoing payment while studying their apprenticeship based on industry award rates.

Hands-on Learning

Learn on-site with your employer as you develop your practical skill-set.

Taking on an Apprentice in Flooring Technology

Rewarding Careers in Flooring Technology


The Flooring Alliance program has been the most successful initiative we have come across in sourcing Flooring Technology apprentices.

David Robertson

This industry is very small, if you do a good job everybody knows about it.

Ardy Andreas
Fine Cut Floors